Main Program

     Welcome to Family Music Studio Main Program! Lessons are available on violin, viola, cello, and piano. I will work with you to help you achieve your personal music goals. Students will study standard repertoire. Other styles of playing are incorporated into lessons according to interest. This can include styles such as fiddle, jazz, or worship music.

     Required Group Lessons: All students meet together as a group periodically over the studio year. Students must plan ahead to be available on group lesson days. The group lesson is held instead of all private or small class lessons that week. We use this time to practice ensemble skills, prepare for the final concert, and learn about music history and theory. Group Lessons are held at Grace Church, 3001 Elm Swamp Rd, Lebanon, IN. 2017-2018 dates are on the Calendar page.

     Monthly tuition is based on 30 instructional times per school year (private lessons, small class lessons, large group lessons). The first monthly tuition payment with registration fee is due before the first scheduled lesson in August. Subsequent tuition payments are due by the first of each month. The final tuition payment is due by May 1st. This is a total of ten monthly payments for the academic year. Please see the studio policies regarding the attendance and "no make-up lessons" policies

     Private 30-minute lessons: $77 per month.
     Private 45-minute lessons: $113 per month.
     Private 60-minute lessons: $154 per month.
     Small Class 30-minute lessons: $49 per month per student.*

*Small class lessons are available for violin, cello, or piano only if there are 2-4 students of similar experience available to take lessons at a mutually agreeable time and day. If you register for small class lessons and there is not a small class available at a mutually agreeable time and day, you have the option of taking a private lesson instead.