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TUITION PAYMENTS FOR MAIN PROGRAM: The first tuition payment and registration fee is due at or before the first lesson. Subsequent payments are due Sept. 1, Oct. 1, Nov. 1, Dec. 1, Jan. 1, Feb. 1, Mar. 1, Apr. 1 and May 1. These are due dates, not billing dates. FMS will also accept tuition payments at the first lesson of the month without considering it late. If FMS does not receive payment, you will receive a courtesy reminder email. Lessons may be curtailed if non-payment extends beyond the 15th of the month until payments are caught up plus a $15 late fee. There are 10 equal monthly music tuition payments. The amount represents an average. FMS does not charge lesson on months with fewer lessons nor does FMS charge more on months with more lessons. The month of May (fewer number of lessons) requires a full tuition payment because the amount represents an average. Thank you for your consideration.

TUITION PAYMENTS FOR SHORT SEMESTER PLAN: Tuition is due upon registration or at the first lesson. Subsequent payments are due Nov. 1, Jan. 1, and Mar. 1. For those adding group lessons, $100 is due upon registration or at the first lesson in addition to tuition.

ATTENDANCE: Students are expected to keep track of all lesson dates, private and group, and reserve those times and dates. There will be no refunds or rescheduled lessons for missed lessons. When you register for lessons, you are reserving the teacher’s time. If the student does not show up for a lesson, there will be no refunds or make-up lessons for any reason (conflicts, forgetting, sickness, transportation issues, vacation, etc.). If I will be absent, I will either (1) Give a rescheduled lesson, (2) Arrange for a substitute teacher, or (3) Give the student a pro-rated refund (minus 20% administration portion). If the weather is inclement, email Family Music Studio to see if class or lesson will be held. FMS reserves the right to cancel classes/lessons once per semester for inclement weather without adjusting fees. Since classes/lessons are usually late in the day when the snow has melted off or been plowed, this is rarely necessary.

PLANNED ABSENCES AND SCHEDULING CONFLICTS: You may ask for a studio schedule and students' phone numbers/emails. If you have a scheduling conflict, it is your responsibility to call another student and arrange a swap. Please notify FMS if you have swapped or will be absent. A swap can only be made between private lessons. Small class lessons and group lessons must remain as scheduled. When sports conflicts arise, we expect families to swap lessons with other students as needed. Be pro-active and talk with your coaches.

COMMUNICATION: An email from FMS at least 24 hours before a change in schedule constitutes adequate communication. Otherwise, a phone call may be made. Please be diligent about checking your email and notifying FMS if your email is down or changed. FMS does not use texting.

WITHDRAWAL POLICY: A two-week advance notice of withdrawal is required. Tuition payment for the current month is non-refundable. The student may complete lessons for the current month. FMS expects families to finish the studio year and commit to all ten payments. Special circumstances will be considered. For sports conflicts, please swap lessons with another student. FMS expects students to complete all lessons in May and pay the May tuition by May 1st.

OTHER POLICIES: Parents are welcome to observe classes or lessons. However, space is limited. Studio space is not childproof. Younger siblings should be either on a lap or sitting next to parent at all times to ensure safety of musical instruments. If a younger sibling needs to crawl, toddle, or talk, please wait in your vehicle.

Phone: (765) 891-1813