Short Semester Plan

The Short Semester Plan is new this year. It is especially recommended for new or young students who have a full schedule. The Short Semester is only 10 lessons per semester (20 lessons total) beginning September 28 and ending March 22. Lessons are held only on Thursdays between 5:00 and 8:00 pm. Lessons can be for violin, viola, cello, or piano. Four tuition payments of $128 are due upon registration or at the first lesson, November 1, January 1, and March 1.

Short Semester Plan students may add group lessons and the studio final concert for an additional $100. We use this time to practice ensemble skills, prepare for the final concert, and learn about music history and theory. There are six group lessons scheduled after the start date of September 28. Four are on Tuesdays, late afternoon or early evening. Two are on Saturday mornings. Short Semester Plan students must attend at least five group lessons (two of them must be April 17 and May 1) in order to participate in the final studio concert on Saturday, May 5.